La Fourme d’Ambert, the mildest blue cheese of all !

Experience a Fourme d’Ambert and you will discover a Grande Dame that has survived through the ages. A traditional cheese from the Monts du Forez in Auvergne (the AOP region), today La Fourme d’Ambert is accredited with an AOC and an AOP that safeguard it beyond the region’s borders.

La Fourme d’Ambert, mild, elegant, refined, mature…

La Fourme d’Ambert stands upright, displaying its light, blue-grey garb, which looks like stone.

This protective exterior yields to the touch and releases the soft, subtle scent of woodland undergrowth.

It is impossible to foresee that cutting into La Fourme d’Ambert will reveal a soft core, and a bright ivory centre with a supple, smooth texture, which is the culmination of the long alchemy between blue and white, that has taken place during maturation.

Naturally, this balance is revealed on the palate with the fragrant notes, delicate aromas, and smooth, rounded taste that make this the mildest of all blue cheeses.