The Fourme d’Ambert AOP subdivision is managed by an ODG, Organisme de Défense et de Gestion (Safeguarding and Governance Association): The La Fourme d’Ambert Syndicate (Syndicat Interprofessionnel de La Fourme d’Ambert). It brings together all the professionals involved in the production process, from the breeder to the cutter, including the processor… In particular, the syndicate makes sure that specifications are met.

The Fourme d’Ambert AOP division is managed by an Organisme de Défense et de Gestion (Safeguarding and Governance Association) that unites all AOP operatives : the La Fourme d’Ambert Cross-professional Syndicate (SIFAm). The division has chosen the most “collective” system possible; decisions are taken by unanimity of its members, the presidency rotates between producers and cheese merchants.

The La Fourme d’Ambert Cross-professional Syndicate’s operating principles and objectives are determined by the Law of Agricultural Orientation of 5 January, 2006.


In particular, the Syndicate must :

  • bring together all operatives involved in the Appellation specifications,
  • assure implementation of democratic processes,
  • assure that all those engaged in the Appellation are represented (producer, collector, processor and affineur),
  • act on the duties stipulated by the law.


The Fourme d’Ambert Cross-professional Syndicate (SIFAM) was created in 1972 following award of the DPO. The syndicate operates as an association as per the law of 1901 (see the SIFAM organisational chart). SIFAM was officially recognised as an ODG, Organisme de Défense et de Gestion (Safeguarding and Governance Association), by the National Committee of Dairy, Agro-food and Forestry Denominations of the INAO on 14 November, 2007.

The statutes currently in force were modified by the Extraordinary General Assembly of 6 June, 2006 and lodged at the Ambert Sub-Prefecture.